He's only ever missed Infinity War

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  • astropicturesjd
    No he does, he misses his A6 - 2 months ago
  • tvang16
    And then in avengers 4 Thanos gonna be like “I was a god once. Till I took an arrow to the knee”. - 3 months ago
  • truecollegelife
    @_cra2y_boi_ he still is a god - 3 months ago
  • fahrzi_
    green arrow to - 3 months ago
  • escally425
    Oof the caption got me 😂 - 3 months ago
  • _cra2y_boi_
    @theus_bidi 😑 - 3 months ago
  • theus_bidi
    @_cra2y_boi_ Were there multiple explosions on Loki's face?? Dude we're talking about THE HULK, the guy that stopped a giant flying armored Leviathan with a single punch, that explosion ain't nothing - 3 months ago
  • j_r_d_n_
    He missed saving his family - 3 months ago
  • ___ahmadmujtaba___
    He should ended infinity war with one Arrow - 3 months ago
  • _cra2y_boi_
    @theus_bidi but i still cant get the logic, punches do greater damage than explosion and that too near his face with no protection 😱 - 3 months ago
  • _cra2y_boi_
    @theus_bidi but if i hit my face on a glass door like a psychopath i will surely bleed - 3 months ago
  • theus_bidi
    @_cra2y_boi_ Because Hulk's and Thanos's punches are much greater than this fucking arrow bomb, it disoriented Loki, it did damage, it was just not enough to make him bleed, it's like you hit your face in a glass door, it's not enough to make you bleed but it hurts a lot, and it threw him away, lol - 3 months ago
  • _cra2y_boi_
    @theus_bidi bro i meant when hulk and Thanos can wound and make Loki bleed , why cant this badass explosion didn't do a thing to him? - 3 months ago
  • theus_bidi
    @_cra2y_boi_ Loki is a god, he has greater resistance than any human being, why do you think he survived that Hulk ass whooping in the next scene? That explosion was just like a slap to the face - 3 months ago
  • oliver_jonas_queen2024
    Technically even if it wasn’t a detonation he still hit him just flesh touched I t not the other way around - 3 months ago
  • therealmarvelfans.memes
    @i_am_groot9117 do u know the strength level of Thanos?? Ironman used his missiles they did nothing to Thanos.. Thanos without infinity gauntlet is extremely powerful - 3 months ago
  • huskytzu
    @i_am_groot9117 yeah right! It wouldn’t do anything if thanos was sleeping - 3 months ago
  • __a_b_h_a_y_
    Except for Quicksilver - 3 months ago
  • brandon_arc
    God of Mischief got tricked!!😂😂 - 3 months ago
  • _cra2y_boi_
    @unknownyash hulk and Thanos made him bleed, how many times should i repeat this! - 3 months ago
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