Thank you @mrs_ktmartin for the stunning picture. These succulents were sooooo fun!! Thank you for trusting me with your friends bridal shower and allowing me to experiment with these babies.

3 months ago 9



  • rlipps13
    @sissiessweets anything you do will look good. - 3 months ago
  • p.lipps
    So cool. I thought they were plant a at first. Dang girl, your good.☺ - 3 months ago
  • sissiessweets
    @eliselava I’m so happy you were able to enjoy these with your friends and family. I hope you had an amazing day and congratulations on the big day ❤️ - 3 months ago
  • eliselava
    Thank you for making such beautiful cupcakes! Everyone thought they were delicious and loved the detail in the cacti and succulents! 💗✨💗 - 3 months ago
  • sissiessweets
    @lipps13 thank you. They were so fun. I wanna do them again and try different color ways. - 3 months ago
  • rexnewmark
    💪🏻 💥 💪🏻 - 3 months ago
  • rlipps13
    Those are so cute. - 3 months ago
  • mrs_ktmartin
    @eliselava - 3 months ago
  • wordtoyourmother
    Wow! - 3 months ago