Thanos put fear in Bruce's bones

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  • tdowson_
    That order didn’t really carry very far, Cap :( - 24 days ago
  • ab.at.insta
    we got incoming - 28 days ago
  • same_pic_of_thanos
    @davidthesavagez yes he can you dumbass - 28 days ago
  • kalamkasborambaeva
    👏👏 - 28 days ago
  • kalamkasborambaeva
    👏 - 28 days ago
  • zeera_soda
    @davidthesavagez lol what? Watch the intro of The Incredible Hulk 2008. He sees and remembers bits and pieces. And by the end of Ragnarok, Banner and Hulk have a mutual relationship. Rather than the Hulk being dominant, Banner is now the guy who controls the Hulk. So he does remember something (if not everything). - 29 days ago
  • davidthesavagez
    @zeera_soda Yeh hulk not banner, banner cant see what hulk doing did you even watch ragnarok? - 29 days ago
  • zeera_soda
    Hulk fought with him in the beginning of the movie, isn't it? - 29 days ago
  • christopher_n23
    @brads1209 hulk wasn't scared they are just playing him out like the infinity war comic when hulk didn't want to go help because he thought the avengers hated him - 29 days ago
  • brads1209
    @p.atrickclarke no I don’t think he’s scared I think he’s just tired of always fighting for Bruce. He loved being hulk in Thor ragnorock because he fought for himself - 29 days ago
  • p.atrickclarke
    @brads1209 i know thats true but come on, he still obviously scared, look at him! - 29 days ago
  • malhotrakartikey
    Photo quality not clear - 29 days ago
  • brads1209
    The Russo brothers said hulk wasn’t scared of thanos he just doesn’t want to keep helping Bruce every time he’s in trouble @official_dc.marvel - 29 days ago
  • davidthesavagez
    How does bruce know thanos it doeant make sense - 29 days ago
  • idiot__jovani
    WoAh - 29 days ago