The "Enter Flashtime" episode was the my favourite season 4 episode. What was yours?
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  • aryaa.17
    Same because this is the only one where they don't mention or show devoe - 2 months ago
  • aidan_abbott
    I think the episode is "Enter Flashpoint" not Flas time - 3 months ago
  • maher__123123
    The show is a cricus - 3 months ago
  • iamnolanhiggins
    Same. Everyone played their role so well and it had so much intensity the entire time ❤️ - 3 months ago
  • awrad_sy
    E01 because has a lot of secrets - 3 months ago
  • jack_boi_123
    Did he really need to run on the car - 3 months ago
  • stupidnikname
    for a show surrounding a hero with the power of speed, this was a dreadfully slow and boring clip - 3 months ago
  • unknownreverseflash
    Me too - 3 months ago
  • ryanframes
    this is so lame !! wth - 3 months ago
  • carito_lion_montanatz
    In this video the flash is not faster than a sound if you don't understand compare how he run and hear back ground instrumental - 3 months ago
  • kng_0f_wrld
    Flash didn’t saved them js 🤭 - 3 months ago
  • which__jose
    @kellen_cool I hate how this episode did not connect with the rest of the season just shows how shit it is - 3 months ago
  • _ad980
    It was the most perfect episode in all seasons - 3 months ago
  • pilot_zacmct56
    Therefore I Am episode 👌🏼👌🏼👌🏼 or drunk Barry 😂 - 3 months ago
  • j_reyes704
    It was so amazing to see how he stopped a nuke in what like under 5 seconds and nobody even noticed. - 3 months ago
  • omeryigit_er
    i dont think you know how fast i really am - 3 months ago
  • omeryigit_er
    im fast as fuck boiiii - 3 months ago
  • melon_kellen
    🎵this show🎵is so bad!🎵I wanna make them🎵stop ruining an awesome character🎵by making him🎵a whiny bitch🎵! Yah! - 3 months ago
  • thenerdyhub
    This is dope - 3 months ago
  • tha.xokid
    Everytime flash fails, think of this, then think of the bull shittery the writers did to dragbthe season out. - 3 months ago