I am more of a lipbalm person than a full on lipstick user. I honestly find lipsticks too heavy for my liking BUT of course, it is inevitable not to put on to complete a good make up look. What I like about Keep Cool’s Double Sensational Lips is that it feels like a smooth satin lip balm with a beautiful pop of color. The colors are not sublime, it is amazingly striking! Each stick has a two tone lip balm – one light and the other darker and creamier. With this, I can create an easy ombre lip effect with a simple one step sweeping application. Press the lips for a shinier balmy look. This lippie also doesn’t have any taste, flavor or scent – which is PERFECT! I do not like my lipstick smelling and tasting like anything. It is also very moisturizing and it doesn’t dry up the lips.
Colors in the pic are:

Moonlight Red

Juice Coral

Ash Rose

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  • femininity_power
    Ash rose is very pretty. 🤗 - 3 months ago
  • keepcool_global
    Sooo happy that you liked it 💋 - 3 months ago
  • kbunnico
    I love the idea of this! Sounds like the best of both worlds between lip balm and lip stick 😍 - 3 months ago
  • explorebeautyxo
    I love moisturizing lipsticks like this! Those colors look so lovely especially the coral one 😍 - 3 months ago