< MISSHA Satin Highlighter italPRISM > * shade: touch of light
* price: ₩23,800 / S$29 (approx.)
* nett weight: 6g
This highlighter from Missha gives an over-the-top blinding glow, which is a hard-to-find in typical highlighters from other Korean brands. Its pigmentation is phenomenal as just a gentle swipe leaves the high points of the face looking extremely luminous.
The highlighter consists of both shimmers and very fine purple and green glitter particles. Although the swatch appears as champagne toned, looking really close up in the mirror, the abovementioned fine purple and green glitter particles create an iridescent glow.
However, these glitters are exceptionally fine that they may cling on to enlarged pores and accentuate the textures on the skin. Fret not, this won't be noticeable unless you examine your skin in great detail in the mirror! (or you can easily cover it up with pore-filling primers)
I do not recommend this if you are a fan of natural and subtle highlight or if you have extremely textured skin, but if you live for a blinding glow or are looking to smooth out your skin with a dazzle, Missha's Satin Highlighter italPRISM is perfect for you.

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