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    @gururchoudhary Gurmeet you my superstar and my love. You are really so handsome, six pack and cool. "We cannot be together, but you’re always in my heart for now and forever. "I do everything for you, because I love you, I also do not want to lose you, I hope we will always be together. I want to be your ribs will always strengthen. And when you fall awaken you. "Maybe because the magnitude of my love to you, until I can not forget you. "It could miss the coming anytime. Yes like this now, I again missed with you. Getting up in the morning is a sign that you can achieve the goal’s life better than yesterday.”“Your future is determined by what you start today.”The key for a happiness is when you thankful for the grace that God has given.”“Never lose hope, because it is the key to achieve all your dreams.”“Do your best at every opportunity that you have.”“You are the creator for your own future.”"I always pray for the good and happiness of us and therefore your name and my name are always in my prayers. "I love you more than once and even more of the thousands of rice. - 3 months ago
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    Model this strength bunch! Review our profile now - 3 months ago