Meet people where they are at.
It’s important to meet people where they are, not where we want them to be.
In fact they can’t be anywhere else in that moment, and you can’t force that either.
There is a tendency, in many, to re-characterise people’s experiences without being asked.
You tell them you are feeling badly, they tell you all the reasons you should feel good. You tell them you are challenged by your circumstances, they tell you what they think you can do to make things easier.

There is a place for these offerings- particularly when requested.
We are more likely to arrive at the next best place on our journeys when someone actually attunes to where we are at, without making any effort to improve upon or re-frame it.

We don't need to be saved- we need to be seen.
That's the healing, right there.
I hear you, I see you, I honour your choices.

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