State University of New York Plattsburgh. I left Detroit headed down to Florida for some much needed rest. From there I spent several years traversing America. I traveled back and forth coast to coast. I rode on a train, automobile and the god awful greyhound, I’m looking at you St. Louise 3:00 am too many times to mention. I laid my head down at several colleges and universities. I find it hard to believe I did this. I studied everything I had an interest in, from Film School, Art History, Education, Communication, Social Science... I meet and talked to so many flavors of people, cops and ex-cops, the righteous, quite a few fellas fresh out of prison, the lost, junkies and alcoholics, those looking for a new beginning or going to work in another state, homeless people, schizophrenics, some creepy guys, lots of tired soldiers to name a few. But right about now, I really miss the fall in Up State New York, I was on Lake Champagne. And ate a lot of delicious apples. In case your curious I’ll be 49 in October and I still have no idea what I want to be, except unstuck on this wheel called Real Life. It’s so violent and painful.

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