Here is our DAY ONE 2018-19 New York Knicks Roster! Thoughts? [📷cred: @knicks.central ] -

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  • levi_e7makies04
    @_ck2k thx man I was looking for thin and online every website says a diffrent roster - 2 months ago
  • knicksfanatic_paybacc_carter
    Lets goo knicks #nyknicks - 2 months ago
  • thenealsnextdoor
    @dneal32 and just because that’s my other account I have agree with what He said - 2 months ago
  • dneal32
    I think Trey Burke will win the starting spot and unless tim shows some defensive improvements in training camp I think he’s going to come of the bench as a scorer and they will start Lee at the 2. Knox will probably win the starting small forward job and super Mario at the 4 - 2 months ago
  • pap1jefe
    #knickstape 😎🙅🏻‍♂️ - 2 months ago