“I don’t want to be apart of this - this sisterhood of rape victims” - @stephaniebeatriz character Bonnie from @tlotmfilm. That line hit me so hard when I watched her incredible performance. It was the first time I saw something I could identify with. When you are assaulted society immediately puts you in this new box you didn’t put yourself in. Not only are you physically violated “you are a victim now too and life is now oh so sad.poor you.” And yes it hurts and you have to work through it but it wasn’t your choice. I don’t live my life as a victim, I live my life as Heidi. I think you all should see this film. The news cycle can make your brain hurt. It’s always good to tap into empathy for people in experiences than may be different from yours so we can all better understand each other, because why not❤️ Love you all.

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