Jesus tek d wheel because me aguh drive it ova one cliff. Listen, advertise what you want, charge what you want, etc, but for GOD sake give the peope what they pay for. If you're not that skilled, it's ok to say I cannot at this time or so and so can do it better or what have you. This is an injustice and they did her dirty. She went consistenctly for retightenings, several were joined because they were done too small to begin with and the list goes one. I don't call out specific people or salons, but this is a lesson to clients as well. YOU HAVE A RESPONSIBILITY TO PAY ATTENTION TO YOUR INVESTMENT. PERIOD
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  • roxysloclashnbrowbar
    @_zoubidaa soon ma - 1 month ago
  • roxysloclashnbrowbar
    @beaumont.patricia she comes next week ma. This was a consultation. I'll definitely post the end result - 1 month ago
  • beaumont.patricia
    Let us see the ending Roxanne - 1 month ago
  • _zoubidaa
    Let us see what you did?👀 - 1 month ago
  • margo_mac1
    If anyone can fix this that person is you, you know you got this . - 1 month ago
  • roxysloclashnbrowbar
    Thank you so much ladies. It's just disheartening #mynerves - 1 month ago
  • denisesizzlefithunt
    Their lack of ability or proper business ethic builds your empire. Although mi waan fight smaddy fi d Chile an a doan kno har. Dem too cussed disgusting - 1 month ago
  • iammellaj
    Wow, She’s in the right chair! ❤️ - 1 month ago
  • neshamasings
    If anyone can fix it, it's you! - 1 month ago
  • womenwhosettleformore
    Oh no - 1 month ago
  • beatbymo876
    You got this girl,I know you do,waiting on the end result,no doubt whatsoever - 1 month ago
  • atxlady1
    I have not even flipped to the end results because I KNOW you worked your magical hands on this head and did wonders. - 1 month ago
  • roxysloclashnbrowbar
    @gotsocs absolutely. I live for these appointments - 1 month ago
  • gotsocs
    Mannn..but you are gonna make it work for her - 2 months ago