Remember this cover of PWI like it was yesterday. Would ride my bike to 7-11 by my house as a 10 year old in North Edmonton - bring my $3.00 and buy the monthly Pro Wrestling Illustrated. Usually accompanied with a small slurpee (.35 cents) and a bag of Hostess chips (.59 cents especially when they came with WWF stickers inside). GREAT MEMORIES! 💪🏻💥🏋🏻‍♂️Buy your CHRISTMAS Gifts here! TAG A FRIEND OR 2 😎 Like 👌 and FOLLOW 😊Visit Alberta’s LARGEST selection of WWE Wrestling merchandise! Come and enjoy our 2 EXCLUSIVE wrestling figures/merchandise booths! Over 600 wrestling figures in stock including REMCO, LJN, Jakks, Mattel, Galoob, Hasbro. DVDs, T-Shirts, Hats, Posters, Stickers, Cars, Figures, Magazines, Programs, Photos, Cups, Autographs, mini figure belts, kids’ belts, Replica Championship Belts, necklaces, bracelets, arm bands, plush toys. Go down to Old Strathcona Antique Mall and check us out! Open EVERYDAY! Gio Sports Cards, WWE Memorabilia and Collector Toys is Vendor A237 on the Upper Level at Old Strathcona Antique Mall located in Edmonton, AB in Canada at 10323-78 Ave (same parking lot as United Cycle). We have 8 amazing spaces in the mall to serve you. Booths 237, 256, 257, 263, 276, 277, 278 and Showcase 310

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