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  • _slow5oh_
    @thereefnurse thanks - 2 months ago
  • reefghost
    @thereefnurse mine do the rock thing too. I was just curious. - 2 months ago
  • thereefnurse
    @reefghost it’s foot is deep into the rock work that’s how it’s been holding on. It started out in the sand but has worked it’s way to the rocks. I barely ever directly feed it and it’s a high flow constantly. I’ve seen people use sand inside of a mason jar for them - 2 months ago
  • reefghost
    How do you keep it happy. I mean do you have a deep sandbed? I have had these in the past they make their own mucus tubes but i never had one stand straight up. Been thinking of making acrylic or plastic tubes for these but they grow and i unno maybe make a telescoping one ? - 2 months ago
  • thereefnurse
    @ommeh they are! I have to figure out what to put next to it though 🤔 - 2 months ago
  • thereefnurse
    @_slow5oh_ tube nem - 2 months ago
  • _slow5oh_
    Newb here, what is this called? - 2 months ago
  • ommeh
    These are so cool! - 2 months ago