Ending our Friday with the perfect Lady. @itrinh is a receptionist from Adelaide. She had dabbled in a few jobs since she was 14, from waitressing, barista work to sales and marketing.
After acquiring a brain injury at the age of 17 (just from a clumsy slip), the doctors and therapists banned her from working, driving and studying with limitations to use any sort of technology or even to read as her brain needed time to heal with as little stimulation as possible.
She spent just over a year in rehab.
After experiencing an event that nearly killed her she decided to change a few things in her life.
She lives life to the fullest. She wants people to live a little more and careless of the small things.
Thanks for letting us share a little bit about you. 😘

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  • lanceallred41
    ☝ - 9 days ago
  • elysebarg_
    Wow, that’s some serious determination and resilience. Lots of love! ❀️ @itrinh - 9 days ago
  • barebybauer
    Truly inspirational πŸ™ŒπŸ™Œ thanks for the reminder the live a little more xx - 9 days ago
  • yinnymac
    A true inspiration!! ❀️❀️ Deserves all the happiness in this world - 9 days ago