In a few days it’s my mamas birthday! 🌻✨
This year I bought for her this beautiful candle, that has inside a silver bracelet!
You can choose between earrings, bracelets, necklaces & rings!
β€’ For the occasion I want to give to you a 10% discount for the order of a jewelcandle!
I want to recommend it to you not only for the beautiful fragrances but also for the amazing silver jewels that you can find in them!
They are perfect for a gift or simply for yourself! πŸ’–
Use the code before the payment put it in the voice β€œDo you have a code? Click on it to use it!” The code is: FRIEND-CO-5BA8F0624364A
The code gives you a 10% discount if you buy a 29,99€ candle!
Try the halloween new entry!! Its name is Lady Skarlett, and its fragrance is perfect for those beautiful autumn days πŸ‚
If you have any question I’m here for you 🌻
Enjoy 🌻✨

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