It’s either the torrential weather or the fact it’s nearly payday that’s got me window shopping on the @equissimo website and provisionally adding lots of goodies to my basket 🙊🛒
The top 4 on my list...
▪️ @kentucky_horsewear Quarter Sheet ~ Oh my dayyyyss, that lining though 😍 Half tempted to get one for myself as well as the pony just to use as a blanket!
▫️ @kingslandequestrian Posadas Knitted Headband ~ I’m a huge lover of headbands! Hats are harder to fit whereas headbands just look good on everyone! Plus this one is sparkly!
▪️ @houseofmontar Sophie Gilet ~ Errrrrr, made for me?! I’ve had my eye on this gilet for the longest time now. On the last count I probably own around 30 gilets but none of which have that super high, snuggly neck 🔥
▫️ @marktoddcollection Pro Stable Rug ~ Rem spends as much time as possible out in the field so getting decent, quality turnout tugs has always been the priority. It’s definitely time to upgrade his indoor wardrobe. This is perfect as it’s not too thick and has ZERO neck (🙌🏻)

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