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  • dovakota
    Hey maybe it could be a comic tie in. He said don’t trust himself, and in the comics Eobard looked identical to Barry do to plastic surgery. I don’t think that’s what it is, but it would be a good way to bring in some cool Easter eggs from the comics. - 8 days ago
  • brooklyn_13
    #ripstien - 21 days ago
  • mr._venompool_2.0
    The timeline is changed - 22 days ago
  • daniel_rhj01
    @josevolquezh - 23 days ago
  • shaqmaverick
    Explain - 24 days ago
  • mpalvidrez
    @pageyyt she states Barry disappeared in something impossible, my apologies. - 24 days ago
  • mpalvidrez
    @pageyyt this was one of the things I was trying to tell you on Twitter, and if you look back at the end of 5x1 you'll hear Nora say Barry is trapped, stating she knows what happens to him... Please look into this. - 24 days ago
  • maud.belle
    @igtz_ ohh ok I hope so too - 27 days ago
  • ms.borrito
    @dan.o2005 why u call him a dumbass ppl forget stuff so u dont have to be rude - 27 days ago
  • brian_r1657
    The timeline was changed because savatar never killed iris - 27 days ago
  • toggiemk
    @i._m._pand3y timeline didn't changed after savitar's death, though it carried on same. Everything that will happen with berry or iris or kid flash is somehow connected to the crisis happened on earth X and in future berry either looses his speed or choose rather not to use it. wherever this theory breaks, eobard is responsible. 😋 - 27 days ago
  • gui_play2000
    @_juliana__rodrigues_ dorime - 27 days ago
  • hello__1253
    @toggiemk yet flashpoint happened right under their noses and they didn’t even notice until Cisco brought it up - 28 days ago
  • _totally_nebula
    @lilslim01 lol - 28 days ago
  • cynical.xviii
    @fatjon.shllaku he goes missing in the comics too so dc would do that - 28 days ago
  • ultragamertrex03
    @gothboicarlos again I say it’s probably an event we haven’t been introduced to yet like maybe something that negates his healing factor - 28 days ago
  • gothboicarlos
    @ultragamertrex03 doesn’t barry have a natural ability to repair or heal faster than the average human ? - 28 days ago
  • callum_weight7
    Different timelines - 28 days ago
  • gothboicarlos
    this was what he created from flashpoint , whenever HR took Iris’s spot .. everything went back to normal . so he probably won’t come back - 28 days ago
  • cait_1313
    @withl22 truth - 28 days ago
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