Being a mum with young children, I got to crack my brains day n night thinking of my kids meal.. Masak ke, beli ke, i will make sure there will be food for them to eat throughout the day.. Biar ibu tak makan, tapi anak2 tak blh kelaparan dan kebuluran ye.. So today I cooked something simple for them.. Aglio Olio campak2.. The non spicy version.. Hehe.. 😎 Otak buntu, tak tahu apalagi nak cooked for them.. Haha!!! ðŸĪŠ But im glad they enjoyed eating it so much lah.. Abg @its_irfanz thanks for the compliment ckp ibu blh bukak kedai jual western food ehk.. ðŸĪĢ😂😆😝🙈 😍ðŸĪ—😘

7 months ago 4



  • haslindahamid77
    @ummuhur next time blh try 😉 - 7 months ago
  • fazzmusa
    ðŸĪ”ðŸĪ😊ðŸĪðŸĢ - 7 months ago
  • ummuhur
    Buat spaghetti salted egg pon sedap.. 😋 - 7 months ago
  • ummuhur
    Bli campbell sup yg instant.. Yg paket2... Butter bwg putih dgn 1paket tu je.. Sedap 😘 - 7 months ago