There’s that old adage about dressing for yourself versus dressing for a man. I have come to dressing for myself. I don’t know if it’s age, not that I was ever wanted to really dress sexy. OK, maybe sometimes I would show leg and sometimes I still show leg. Or wear tight clothes because I work out hard. But here’s what I know at 55, fashion should never be uncomfortable. Fashion should be comfort because the more comfortable you are the more you are you. And there’s nothing more fashionable than a comfortable confident person. All right this is a little preachy andnot my normal style. Well the clothes I’m wearing are style but not these words that preach.

So, tomorrow I am interviewing Sigmund Freud. I have a cousin who knew someone who knew someone who knew someone and that’s how he ended up on my podcast. Do you have questions? I am having Sigmund Freud in the studio so this would be the time. Ask in the comments below and I will ask Sigmund.

So, I say make up your own life you’re the writer, you’re the owner. Be what you want to be in the biggest way possible or fake it until you make it. Until then go sign up for the Project Woo Woo email list you will get a present that will help you wake up every morning feeling like the most evolved, enlightened person in the world. Oh and the link is in the bio.

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