today is ...
Ummm, well I did a quick burn because... well, read it 🤣 so Happy Friday to you! ➡️swipe for more pics
*I have been burning for 4 years but about 6 months ago my friend encouraged me to make some funky signs for an alternative market she set up in the area. They went over well and I found a little niche at a local brewery. @81baymarket I like making signs that aren’t what you expect when you see a table full of wood burned planks. Keeps them guessing! *I often hear that I am not who they would expect to make these 🤭 but I was recently described as an onion HAHA. I have layers! Let’s go deeper lol
*I am married (10 years next week!) to my high school sweetheart and we have 3 kids. 8, 7, and 3.
* I have a degree in fashion design and lately have been making upcycled clothes out of men’s shirts. * I am also a certified childbirth educator. I’ve have given birth in a hospital with drugs, in a birth center without and at home! Birth fascinated me.
* I like to listen to early 2000s Missy Elliot while I burn or sew
* I’m a total hippy and into natural healing 🌱🍄🌿
* I love to paint my nails crazy colors
* We are an outdoorsy family and enjoy hiking when we can escape to the mountain and kayaking which has brought us to some of the most gorgeous parts of Florida I never knew existed. * Born and raised Floridian but have lived in D.C. area, Monterey, California and London. If I could be a nomad and spend time rotating between the country, on a mountain, at the beach and in a city I would!
*I can be a total control freak but I’m really messy. * I like making people smile!
*I’m really loving these challenges and all the participation this month! It’s so fun to be a part of this community! Thanks @woodburncorner and @walnuthollow for the fun and inspiration!!

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