[🔈 Shit Happens - Tierra Whack]
Sovereign since very be
ginning. Beginning to think, I’ve
incubated something more much
sinister in-
side my low anatomy. I
writhe in pain and agony to
wiggle just a little, in
hopes I that could kick the
habits I’ve inhabited: I
need those mental callouses. I’m
damaged but impact is not a
bad thing to think a-
bout it; I’m a-bout it, but my
mouth is still inactive: I can
train it up to par, but my par-
ticipation’s sparse, so I
speed to coin some bars, so that
I could point to stars and
give the astrologi-cally
gifted good remarks. Em-
barked on my ascension ‘til I
near the next dimension, I’m
aware I’m a descendant of a
king and of a peasant. Need to
lessen, for my lessons form a
mental wall to reckon with the
many indiscretions that they
throw when I’m distressing things.
Foes and hooded figures in the
middle of the system that
influence the decisions by their
actions and their ignorance.

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