Yesterday, After hiking/running 🏃a distance of 21 kms with an elevation of 1.5 kms under the most glorifying sunshine of Mid October🍁 on one of the most majestic mountain 🏔 in my backyard, I got home at dinner time and cooked this absolutely crazy awesome out of this world dish!
Zucchini noodle and spaghetti squash, topped with sweet potatoes veggie balls ( enhanced with extra fiber and spices) topped with Mozzarella cheese just because:) this dish is Purely Vegan🌱 as they always are with me🤪
It has all the fiber, fat, protein, carbohydrates I need in a meal to be at a proper healthy balance:)
Both my wife & I had it and she was a big fan😜!!!
Would you give it a try if I’d give you the method? It’s a little time consuming because the spaghetti squash and sweet potato need roasting but it brings good value😊 & it’s healthy whole food homemade with love💕 dish, something to be proud of🎉🤪

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