Bill Johnson even has “taught” little kids to speak in tongues. The thing with this gift is, if it has to be taught, it’s not a gift of the spirit. It it came from God we wouldn’t have to have other people teach us how to use it. :
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  • theology.quotes
    I feel sorry for this little girl. I’ve watched the whole video. Nothing she says is biblical, which could be expected from a kid. But the fact that the adults are encouraging her...that’s the sad part - 3 months ago
  • jessicalutgen
    Tongues is one spiritual weapon but it is NOT from God if it can be learned. The gift of tongue is meant to be a spiritual language that only God can understand. We are meant to have our own special language with God, each of us. If it is taught, you are speaking someone else's language to God. That is no longer special. You are defiling that language and God, since you were meant to speak your own spiritual language. Those who teach their tongue to others are pure mockers!!!! Stay separate from them so that their sins do not runneth over into your life. - 3 months ago
  • louic_57
    I speak in tongues, I don’t see a problem with it. It’s meant to edify you. I’m also Reformed, But I’m a continuest, I pray that this one doctrine does not divide the church. - 3 months ago
  • 2cacophony129
    This is actually demonic. - 3 months ago
  • myfurchild615
    Wow - 3 months ago
  • hastigomes
    💔 - 3 months ago
  • waynieboo
    One day it will stop - 3 months ago
  • johnathan_apologist
    Who’s next? John gray? - 3 months ago
  • reformed.wretch
    Horrifying... - 3 months ago