Nothing more relaxing on a Sunday than a bit of self-care 👍 what's your go-to shower gel/bubble bath? My current favourites are Original Source and Nivea 👌💦

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  • headphones_monkey
    @the_trashpanda same here 🤙 I use lavender spray on the pillows and that's making a appearance tonight 👍 every Christmas I get a stock up 😂 - 27 days ago
  • the_trashpanda
    @tjthejoyful that sounds awesome 👌I usually really enjoy anything with bergamot and sandalwood - I bet I would love ManCave products. I'll check them out! 👍😀 - 27 days ago
  • the_trashpanda
    @headphones_monkey couldn't agree more! Lavender is just so relaxing, it's my favourite when I want a chilled out afternoon and a good sleep. A couple of drops of lavender oil on the pillow works a dream too 🤗 - 27 days ago
  • tjthejoyful
    ManCave blackspice body scrub is my new fave 👌 - 27 days ago
  • headphones_monkey
    Anything lavender and it's a crawl to bed 😴😂 - 27 days ago
  • the_trashpanda
    @sam.hamers good choice! Original source do a 'Tropical coconut and Shea butter' shower gel which I think would be right up your street 😊 It's really moisturising and I think it smells lovely on skin all day 👍 - 27 days ago
  • sam.hamers
    Anything coconutty 😊 - 27 days ago
  • the_trashpanda
    @loverboyelio 😊💚 - 27 days ago
  • loverboyelio
    💕 - 27 days ago