I know I have followers who live in Missouri, for those of you that are, please please please vote this bitch out, this is senator @clairecmc and she’s one of my most hated people in the world, she’s a democrat senator from a red state, she gets elected by lying to her voters, she once claimed to be pro gun and for all those country values that all you stupid people in Missouri are for, when in reality she votes inline with the Democratic Party, she’s very anti gun and doesn’t represent you at all, the area/district that she represents is mostly the ozarks, which has more guns and gun owners then almost anywhere, vote this bitch out. Here recently she was caught on video talking about how she lies to get elected, this person doesn’t deserve to be breathing much less to be a United States senator, vote this bitch out, I lived in Missouri for several years and the fact that this bitch represented me always made me sick, please get out and vote against her, get your family and friends to vote, get your dead relatives to vote(you know how the dems do it lmao) fuck this bitch make sure she’s out of this office and never runs for anything else. This message has been paid for by my years of hatred for this lying cunt

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  • milspecbeard
    I like the commercial with the black guy saying he supports her.. lol - 3 months ago
  • jerm5801
    She’s done after this election. Everyone in the state hates her - 3 months ago
  • brachwurst
    Yeah I live in Missouri and BELIEVE me, I don't want her in there. - 3 months ago
  • true_arms_custom_gun_works
    I can’t stand this woman! She’s got to go! I’ll be voting for sure here in Missouri! - 3 months ago
  • clineknives
    @clayton_ogre yep, I couldn’t believe this was my senator when I lived in Springfield - 3 months ago
  • clayton_ogre
    I would vote for a cross-eyed goat before I voted for that bitch. Speaking as a stupid country boy from the Ozarks lol - 3 months ago
  • mr.nueter_patuter
    Dont worry buddy i will and all of her advertisements are hilarious she tries so hard to show that she cares or how she visited 50 cities in Missouri and that she is willing to listen just a bunch of BS bye bye bitch 🖕 - 3 months ago
  • itstonydudes
    100 percent true! - 3 months ago