So yesterday afternoon I was in at the shops while @donnchaidh_drever was getting a nut cut. It was mega busy and I was tempted to just text him and tell him I’d had enough and I’d see him back home.

When did the shops get SO busy?! And when did people become SO rude?! My anxiety levels were at 75 trillion and at one point I thought I was going to bust into tears when I stood aside for a couple coming out of a shop before going in, only to have them slam the door in my face and then three other lots of people do the same thing!!!! I decided not to cry, but try and adopt the same attitude... It lasted one shop and a taxi on zebra crossing and I realised it didn’t suit me. And I could die.

So, got my retail fix at @anthropologieeu as you do. Some candles (I could have bought more than I did), a nosey through the sale bit, and finally these wee fairy lights. Made the bedroom really cosy for this change of season, AND really gives off some light!

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  • greenpiccadilly
    @carriebrowncountry aw, Carrie, that totally sounds like something I would do! I went the other way though, yesterday, and spent eleventy million pounds on stuff for my face! 🙈 I’m glad it wasn’t just me feeling the frenzy though! There were LOADS of unusual types out shopping and weirdly, loads of oddballs in massive hats. Like, not fancy dress, but rather, “does this hat make me look like an indi rockstar?!” 🤐 - 7 months ago
  • carriebrowncountry
    I had a very similar experience yesterday, I left a trolley full of shopping in Home Bargains, got in the car, came home put my feet up with a cup of tea and cuddled a sleepy dog. Shops were crazy yesterday 😨 - 7 months ago
  • beautifulhomeinspiration
    Always so perfectly fab❣️♥️🖤♥️ Are you interested in getting featured in our gallery? Get in touch with us to get more info! - 7 months ago