The moment the family found out about Tristan cheating on Khloé! 🤧😓 (via: E! Entertainment)

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  • summerdaleavenue
    @mr_explorer13 de pinga and i mean de pinga , Chloe tiene tanto exito , tanto dinero yo no entiendo porque le aguanta tanto tarro , ese hombre nunca va a cambiar - 2 months ago
  • mr_explorer13
    @summerdaleavenue - 2 months ago
  • sarah_berry1121
    @ro_montano yes they are all followed around constantly with cameras and then bring all the clips together to create the show 👍🏼 that way we see everyone’s point of view - 2 months ago
  • lauratheexplorrer
    @jennagagliardi @vic.gagliardi @francaelena @bxbyju @aleeexism @xomandycandy @bubalina - 2 months ago
  • scarecrow917
    Woahhh - 2 months ago
  • emma_formstone
    @eecostello - 2 months ago
  • maireadt89
    @alisonlynch1 - 2 months ago
  • beermebro01
    Why the big baggy clothes? - 2 months ago
  • purplegoofball
    Khloe deserves this dirt bag . This women no matter how successful , how beautiful and how idependent they desperately seek validation from a man . Like it’s horrible what Kanye has made out of Kim . He doesn’t care that his wife is no 1 woman in the world where men jerk off to . She wouldn’t be all naked and shit it kanye wasn’t pimping her body in the name of art . Only Kourtney and Kendall feel real and liberated - 2 months ago
  • miaveronese
    @natashanedelkovski can’t wait for this episode - 2 months ago
  • robynlynne327
    He is a POS Khloe is so beautiful and fairhful she deserves so much more than that scumbag. - 2 months ago
  • michaelbmooney
    @pittyonthemove have to keep you in the loop with the story line. juicy stuff - 2 months ago
  • sancak_kcmn
    My beautiful baby narbehkardash - 2 months ago
  • anat7406
    A person who cheats on a friend closest to him in the most moments of the relationship before birth will constantly betray him. He has no morality and no conscience - 2 months ago
  • ro_montano
    Seems strange that they were all filmed individually 🤔are the cameras on each one of them all the time? - 2 months ago
  • mrs.cuen
    So sad! 😭 - 2 months ago
  • angeltiger524
    Khloe deserves sooo much better than this. - 2 months ago
  • makeuploverforever65
    Tristan 😫😫😫 - 2 months ago