JADDA the joker cat @thelivinginstallation Everything becomes part of the the opposite of a or even every second your alive is a moment of chance and creativity. We ask you to join this needed revolution in everything that we are forced to believe or participate in. The living installation is a full spectrum creating The removal of ego or expectation. Once you let that all go you breathe. A office job masterbating camels would be better then being a part of art that is for greed, ego or evil. Let it all go! Join us! We are planing a hoax show next sat NOV 10th with pizza πŸ• being made on stage and serving everyone a art dinner. JADDA is a pastry chef πŸ‘©β€πŸ³ of sculpture cakes as a day job, so this should be a real treat. Watch and eat! We will be playing the classic film the original on a nude body.... anyone? ft guest clown @deathwishsocietyart new clown 🀑

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