Yesterday I took another 725k listing, when I arrived to the appointment the wife was reading my book at the kitchen table. She got up to greet me with book in hand and said I'm almost done, it's such a good read." Her husband said" I already read it cover to cover", "very informative and eye opening read. I have a specific few questions......" HOW I LOVE TO HEAR THOSE WORDS, what HE REALLY MEANS is "your the expert, I have a problem can you help me understand ____." I SOLVE REAL ESTATE PROBLEMS OTHER AGENTS CANT or WONT due to selfishness and greed.

Here is my offer to everyone reading this post:
If you're have a real estate problem or just simple want to avoid one in your next home sale, ask me via text or call at 215-372-8653 for a copy of my book Up Sell Your Home, It will save you headaches and hassles guaranteed and pocket you at least 15k extra in your home sale.
I'll have my assistant send you an personally autographed copy first thing monday, on the house.

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