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  • aremubusola
    Most often times than not, the economy situation doesn't wreak businesses as friends and family does, once someone starts a business everyone expects to get products/services at no cost at all (some people are wicked enough to not even pay the cost price) and when the business fails, everybody backs down and points fingers, they all caused it, the ate the business. If you check their stomachs you would see the remnants of the business. Let's support each other, a rising star is not one you latch on to, instead you support a rising star, when it has risen then we can eat the dividends - 8 months ago
  • _titemi_
    Loud it again dear - 8 months ago
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    Abi o - 8 months ago
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    @green_init ...really appreciate your comment.. - 8 months ago
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    @teamchartcrm ...thank you very much - 8 months ago
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    Love the content you're posting! Keep it up @simonodewole ! 😁 - 8 months ago
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    Great work! - 8 months ago