It’s peak season for winter squash! You may already be tired of pumpkin in everything from PSLs to pumpkin 🥧 at Thanksgiving, which is right around the corner!

Why not try a different type of squash, such as butternut, acorn, spaghetti, or delicata?

Roast in the oven and season with cinnamon, allspice and maple syrup for a warm seasonal flavor.

Squash is high in vitamins A and C, and is a good source of fiber and beta carotene.

Replace pasta with strands of spaghetti squash and top with marinara sauce.

Puree roasted butternut squash to make soup or vegan Mac ‘n “Cheese” sauce.

Half and seed acorn squash and fill with a mixture of cooked quinoa, onions, mushrooms and chestnuts and bake until cooked through.

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