this is a huge deal.

gena just went into the supermarket to grab parker’s new fav frozen waffles (kodiak chocolate chip, if you’re curious).
parker’s with us so I could either stay in the car with him or we could all go in. last year, we might have all gone in. because staying by myself in the car would have driven me into a rabbit hole of anxiety and panic attacks.
it’s so simple. something a 36 year old should be able to do. these are the things I told myself. so I would have carried parker - and my shame - into the supermarket just to avoid just another episode of paralyzing anxiety.
i’m grateful - wildly incredibly ridiculously grateful - that now things are different, i’m healthier and staying in the car with parker or by myself while gena runs into the store is beyond no big deal.
and I thank all the meds, therapy, workouts, journaling and meditating that helped me get to this place.
if you’re still there, I want you to know 5 things -
1. you’re not alone.
2. your feelings are valid.
3. you won’t always feel this way.
4. it will get better.
5. there are things you can do to help yourself right in this moment.
if you need support, I might be able to help or share resources. message me. here to help however I can.

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