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If anxiety returns full force back into your life, it simply means that you still haven’t completed your recovery.
Start recovery today for free (link in bio):
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  • chell1uk
    Not sure about this... months with nothing, on pills to control it yet suffered 2 within 2 weeks 😏 - 3 months ago
  • quosque_tandem
    Pathological anxiety is a condition. You can work on it but it will always come back. You wouldn't say a person suffering from cancer that cancer won't come back if they get over the fear it does. This message can be quite harmful. - 5 months ago
  • the.darkesthorse
    That honestly makes so much sense - 5 months ago
  • yusifm621
    İt returns because he makes me angry - 5 months ago
  • alexbishcounselling
    @cherry.1984 hope this helps :) send me a message if you’d like to know more. - 5 months ago
  • cherry.1984
    @alexbishcounselling thank u - 5 months ago
  • alexbishcounselling
    @cherry.1984 CBT can work, but the reason you’re attaching to the thoughts is because it gives the illusion of control and safety from the fear of uncomfortable emotions overwhelming the system. Anxiety is your heads way of distracting you from feeling your feelings - 5 months ago
  • cherry.1984
    @alexbishcounselling so do u need cbt or something to do this ? How do u stop fearing the fear of anxiety ! - 5 months ago
  • pillarsoflightnlove
    @ayvabehm - 5 months ago
  • butt.h3ad
    anxiety returns because i have a mental illness😂 - 5 months ago
  • anxietybeasts
    BRING IT ON - 5 months ago
  • monkeydyossi
    Please i want to join this :) monkeydyossi10@yahoo.com that’s my email - 5 months ago
  • alexbishcounselling
    @cherry.1984 by understanding and getting to know it :) once you can peel back the layers of fear you’ll find that it’s like the wizard of OZ hiding behind the curtain ✌️🌸 - 5 months ago
  • alexbishcounselling
    @_y.gonzalez just remember you would never do anything that is against your values or better judgement. Anxiety likes to hang its hat on any hook that will get your greatest attention. The thoughts are a distraction from another part of you that carries pain. I hear that this is hard, but healing is possible - 5 months ago
  • palomaperaltablanco
    I want to participate of the FB group please. Thanks! palnoir@gmail.com - 5 months ago
  • wanderlustpockets
    @mranxietyfree sometimes you just have to get ready to feel the fire of anxiety ..I have amazing recovery periods then minor slip ups ..but I just tell myself that it's just a bodily reaction..if my heart races so what N I sweat a little ..I just tell myself I won't die I will be ok..it's all evoluntary..i force myself to live a normal life and accept this is how I am feeling for now and it's ok to feel like highly anxious ..it will calm down soon ..it always does ..you just have to be ready to fully accept any discomfort as discomfort has never killed anyone .. - 5 months ago
  • kinguadaa
    Boom🔥 - 5 months ago
  • tkdavis925
    Another great quote...👍💖💖 - 5 months ago
  • stjerna_0602
    @stjerna0602 cardio does not work when a am anxious. I just need to relax and breathe. - 5 months ago
  • stjerna_0602
    @sammyb_79 I think mine is either estrogen dominans or tired adrenaline glands. I actually got better for a short period using cortisone due to allergy. I was so sure this would sky rock my anxiety but I felt hole. So I am@hunting both fysical and psychology reasons. - 5 months ago
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