Day 18 prompt: “Occult Day”. I’ve chosen WRATH OF THE ANCIENTS, by Catherine Cavendish (book one in her “Nemesis of the Gods” trilogy). This book begins in the early 1900’s, and begins the mystery of Dr. Quintillus, and his all-consuming obsession with the ancient Egyptian Queen, Cleopatra. His desire, to raise her spirit from the grave and instill it in a human vessel—to be with him, eternally. Everything about this trilogy speaks of the occult, and I enjoyed the entire journey! (Reviews for each book can be found in the link in my bio). Added in is this perfect Ouija planchette bookmark from @astrangerdream , and Living Dead Dolls Asa, on right, (a witch who cursed the town that murdered her), & “Samara”, from THE RING movie. 🖤

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