Do you spend all day Sunday thinking about how bad Monday is going to be?⁣

For most people, Monday is when you have to go back to work, school, or some other function where you have to interact with people.⁣

I used to do this. I let my Mondays ruin my Sundays. Sunday became pre-Monday instead of part of the weekend.⁣

So how do you get your Sunday back from Monday and actually enjoy it instead of thinking about the future?⁣

🔅 Write ✍ down 3 things that you are good about your Monday⁣

🔅 If you cant think of 3 things, create a Monday ritual that is fun 😄 so you actually look forward to it. Ex: Chocolate chip pancakes for breakfast every Monday 😋⁣

🔅 Stay in the present with some good ol' meditation 😑⁣

🔅 Start your Sunday morning with some positive affirmations about how you are going to focus on today and not tomorrow. Today is going to be phenomenal!⁣

Share and comment 💭 below any tips you use to keep your Sundays Sundays and how you make Monday something to look forward to.⁣

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