I'm preparing for a short run of "All Shook Up" and needed to replace the old, worn-out wires on this snare. I usually use generic 20-strand wires, but I borrowed this Ludwig 12-strand set off another drum.

The reduced wires give it a nice dark woody vibe, almost like an old mahogany snare. I might change it entirely when I hear how it sounds in the theater (I always tailor my sound to the show and the room) but this is a great starting point.
@pearl_drums @remopercussion

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  • elimaniscalco
    @twallondrums Definitely darker and drier than the 20. I'm not sure I've ever tried 16. - 6 months ago
  • timonthedrums
    I'd love to hear how that snare sounds. I just went from a 20-strand to a 16-strand on one of my snares to hear how different it would be. - 6 months ago