When I lived in one of the apartments here, at Villa Torsberg in Bollnäs, I knew I had one connection to the building. The builder, Reinhold Båth, was my grandfather’s grandfather’s brother. It was built in 1891 for the bookkeeper of the iron works at Kilafors, and later bought by a man named Johansson in 1941. When he died, the house was taken over by his son, Nils Bolldén. Nils’s wife Sonja was the last person to live in the whole house before it was turned into apartments in 2009.
When I was looking for my grandparents’ wedding banns, I was surprised to find Nils and Sonja listed above them, having gotten married right before my grandparents. And then today, I found that not only have I lived in “their” house - we are, of course, related, me and Nils. It’s a small world and it gets even smaller when you start doing genealogy!
Thanks to @bollnas_historic_pics and to Karin Ahlfont’s book about C. Båth for some of the facts.
The photo was taken in 2011, getting ready for the Swedish finals in bandy. If you look close you can see the Bollnäs GIF bandy flag on our balcony.

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