The sisters visit planned parenthood 👶🏽

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  • margot.villarreal
    planned parenthood slaughters babies rips them apart piece by piece. Stand for life not for the culture of death🙏🏻 - 7 days ago
  • suzn12
    Sisterhood❤️ - 9 days ago
  • heenriiis
    @pmawoodward it’s a Fetus not a baby. Would you rather bring a child to life so it suffers? Let mothers terminate with a child’s life if she feels she cannot take care of it - 9 days ago
  • dami_louise
    @selizdang ...so what exactly are you doing about it, besides ranting with other people on Instagram? 🤷🏽‍♀️Asking for a friend - 10 days ago
  • selizdang
    @ajcermack yeah ok... LoL. First of all, I do not do religion so you're wrong. Second I don't believe in birth control and third, there's no way you can sugar coat abortion so stop justifying it. You were brainwashed into thinking it's ok. You need to wake up little girl. You are full of shit if you think it's ok. If you can't be responsible then your ass shouldn't be having sex. I'll be happy to say it to your face anytime. ABORTION IS SACRIFICING CHILDREN...ITS MURDER...PERIOD. SUCK IT UP SNOW FLAKE. - 10 days ago
  • ajcermack
    @selizdang you’re against abortions but are against a company that hands out birth control? You know what, you are probirth and prolife. You think the left wants to encourage abortions too? Of course we don’t. That’s why we offer free birth control but we also don’t take seats peope’s choice. Educating people has a long term effect on reducing abortions. Not making it illegal and banning abortion or supporting policies that make companies decide if they want to offer birth control or not. You care about lowering abortions, I dare you to put your religious views aside and support policies where employers have to offer birth control people to@their employees. Please don’t sit behind a fucking computer and say you are pro life while supporting every other anti-prolife policies the GOP pushes. It’s mind boggling the same people who are prolife are the ones who make people commit suicide by bullying them if they are gay or transgender. So who are you to judge people who want a choice when your religious conservative views bully people to committing suicide. Aren’t you killing humans too? So you take your bullshit somewhere else. - 10 days ago
  • kodickodii
    I didn't get it...🐇 - 11 days ago
  • butterflymustfly_123
    @selizdang Thank you and God bless your path everyday💯 - 11 days ago
  • butterflymustfly_123
  • choke.me.gio
    Ugh they introduce themselves as if ppl Dom know who they r😛they stan humble queens😍 - 11 days ago
  • carrie.carty
    Gross - 11 days ago
  • reeeese_may
    @selizdang ima stop commenting now cuz I don’t mess with that brainwashed foolishness. I live in the reality where I see what’s really going on everyday. You live in a bullshit mentality where you believe that you can micromanage everyone’s lives - 12 days ago
  • selizdang
    @reeeese_may People are brainwashed... you don't even know that you are. You live in a false reality. Wake up please - 12 days ago
  • selizdang
    @reeeese_may sorry not sorry...the truth can be hurtful. And no I'm not racist my kids are biracial. So my comment was your perception of who you are not me. I'm merely stating that abortions are child scarification. Reach it. Thee end - 12 days ago
  • reeeese_may
    @selizdang you seem a little racist. No one in my family nor I have ever had an abortion I come from a foreign country with hard working ppl get off your high horse and stop being a piece of white trash. Shut the hell up. Talking about all that mess. No one cares what you think she be done. And I’m no animal I do not breed. It’s called choice for a reason. It’s their choice. Get a life thanks - 12 days ago
  • reeeese_may
    @selizdang so you’re going to make the kids suffer bc of others irresponsibility how is that fair. It is not your place to punish others. Period no one is brainwashed. You’re judging from the outside. You have no idea what really goes on. Get a clue. Please - 12 days ago
  • selizdang
    @reeeese_may So killing them is your solution because you and others can't help yourselves and are irresponsible. What a sad excuse. Smh. You're generation and community are top of the list of what we awakeners call the "Walking Dead" completely brainwashed by the system and compliant with what you're conditioned to believe. Please do us all a favor and don't breed anymore. - 12 days ago
  • reeeese_may
    @selizdang trust me I’m grown and living my life. I’ve seen many unwanted children strung out on drugs bc of their parents, left in the streets and live awful lives, I’ve grown up and seen many ppl who are suicidal and committed suicide bc they were unwanted. Children forced into a world where they are unwanted is not a life to live. The government has to take care of them. And the government does not do a good job. So again. Unless you’re going to take care of these kids and council these suicidal children shut the hell up! You don’t know what it is like out here for them. - 12 days ago
  • selizdang
    @reeeese_may You'll learn once you grow up. Good luck - 12 days ago
  • selizdang
    @reeeese_may apparently not if you're still replying. Duh Lol 😂 - 12 days ago
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