I said what I said.

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  • gabriellaabarnes
    fax no printer ;) - 9 months ago
  • instagwenm
    @noahb353 Neh, you support Trump. His actions and his statements. - 9 months ago
  • tiktok_video.funny
    @fiery_neko_bitch hmmm ok your opinion. :) - 9 months ago
  • nerdy_psych_major
    @whattaboutdisidk you have to be an idiot to support an idiot, that’s not an opinion that is a fact - 9 months ago
  • nandini_nalam
    @abhyudaye_ - 9 months ago
  • dylan.frr
    Funny you make these claims yet don't back them up. You're actually a disgrace to any and every black person who experienced racism from the KKK, for you to compare an honestly horrible time in the US to a few hurt feelings by some MAGA hat Trump supporters is disgusting. You're disgusting 😂 supporting Trump ≠ KKK... prove me otherwise - 9 months ago
  • dylan.frr
    @fat_fab_feminist no.. there isn't - 9 months ago
  • tiktok_video.funny
    @princessmaloria what legislative actions has he taken that’s disgusting, racist and misogynistic? - 9 months ago
  • radioactiv3slug
    @johnmullahy13 mhm sure buddy boo - 9 months ago
  • princessmaloria
    @toby_mcelhinney i agree that this post is a little extreme but I think most people are just freaked out and disgusted by trumps racist and misogynistic behavior. A lot of his supporters just seem to ignore it which is crazy. I know people who are trump supporters and they’re generally nice people, just some of the things they say really make me lose respect for them like “white privilege doesn’t exist” or “I’m scared of the gays.” It’s probably hard to see from a non American perspective but trump has done some really really fucked up shit. - 9 months ago
  • princessmaloria
    @whattaboutdisidk I respect your opinion unless it’s hateful. I couldn’t give less of a shit if you’re republican that’s ur opinion and we can disagree on stuff like taxes or healthcare that’s okay but the issue is supporting the disgusting, racist, and misogynistic actions of trump - 9 months ago
  • princessmaloria
    @noahb353 no lol be a republican no one cares people have an issue with you being a TRUMP SUPPORTER because trump has said and done some really hateful stuff:( you can have whatever political view you want America is split for a reason but supporting someone that disgusting is hard to respect - 9 months ago
  • radioactiv3slug
    @johnmullahy13 if straight people are depressed enough to commit suicide we need to ban them. that’s dangerous. - 9 months ago
  • yellowisamazing
    @bi.tich A lot of people in America will say "Not my President" in protest of President Trump. I was assuming was assuming you were one of those people. - 9 months ago
  • radioactiv3slug
    @johnmullahy13 u wanna say the same thing to straight people committing suicide in the military rn ??? - 9 months ago
  • _failstaff
    Bad fucking analogy, a harmful one at that - 9 months ago
  • radioactiv3slug
    @johnmullahy13 not all of them. - 10 months ago
  • radioactiv3slug
    @johnmullahy13 so banning an entire group of people ? when he’s never even enlisted, and when we have trans people getting awards and medals for their good work its okay to ban all of them ??? - 10 months ago
  • radioactiv3slug
    @yellowisamazing it’s about how maga people have been marching for the KKK, and how they brutally attacked a black man who was a star in empire, or how they yell build the wall at natives, or how they support a transgender ban, or how they support trump making it legal to refuse service to LGBTQ+ in the real estate business. - 10 months ago
  • cwinebrinner62
    @yellowisamazing I'm speaking of collective ancestry, not direct genetic ancestry. And I'm also speaking of historical beliefs and bigotry, passed down from generation to generation. If the MAGA kids wouldn't act like the children of KKK members from 30 to 100 years ago, they wouldn't get called out for their behavior. - 10 months ago
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