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  • voilalela
    A word 🙌🏾 - 7 months ago
  • loooolloooooooodramore
    @kaigochung yrah - 8 months ago
  • loooolloooooooodramore
    Respect is earned. You can't say the wage gap is real and pretend the same level of respect of a beautiful, fit, intelligent woman.. - 8 months ago
  • evolvingelizabeth
    👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 - 9 months ago
  • bottom.text
    This was the post that ended sexism. - 9 months ago
  • igbasketballdaily
    Respect should be earned, after it is earned then it will be provided. You can't demand respect. - 9 months ago
  • viitis13
    🗣🗣🗣🗣🗣🗣 - 9 months ago
  • meekmilsss
    @topsy.oxy beauty is concept not a fact. But ok go of - 9 months ago
  • michellehensler
    @jona_legend 😂😂😂😂😂😂 now that’s just funny as hell - 9 months ago
  • cutenerdgirl
    @master.breno Wow! King! - 9 months ago
  • master.breno
    @jona_legend “I’m not demanding respect either” *earlier* “Start respecting men” 😂 You just lack self-awareness. You just assume all feminists disrespect men and then used respect for men as a stipulation for respecting women. This is the epitome of male entitlement. Apparently men can constantly disrespect women, rape them, assault them, degrade and harass them, treat them like second class citizens... but as soon as women demand an end to this, you barge in talking about “Respect men first”. This is the problem. My “insults” don’t invalidate my points. Don’t lecture me about them when you’re also throwing around your fair share of insults. Like I said, you’re weak, entitled, and a joke yourself. - 10 months ago
  • kaigochung
    I was in school and a boy told a girl 'you are lucky I respect you', I am genuinely confused, is that wrong? Like am I lucky to be respected? - 10 months ago
  • jo_der_bro
    @master.breno I'm not demanding respect either, I want the feminists to realize how hypocritic it is of them to want men to respect them. Also you seem really mature. Can't argue without insulting others? Better don't argue at all, unless you want people to see you as the joke you are - 10 months ago
  • master.breno
    @jona_legend I never claimed to be “better” dipshit. I’m also not the one whining and demanding respect. You are. - 10 months ago
  • jo_der_bro
    @master.breno Right now you are disrespecting me because I disagree with you, how are you any better then? - 10 months ago
  • master.breno
    @jona_legend Feminists respect men. They don’t respect misogynistic asswipes like you though. You’re just too stupid and self-absorbed to tell the difference. Whining about “respecting men” when you disrespect men (and women) who disagree with you is the biggest irony here. - 10 months ago
  • jo_der_bro
    @master.breno The irony that feminists want to be respected, when they themselves don't respect men, get it? - 10 months ago
  • master.breno
    @jona_legend The irony in you calling me a “beta male” as you whine about not being respected as a man in a society dominated by men.. pathetic 😆 - 10 months ago
  • jo_der_bro
    @master.breno And I think you're a beta male sjw with an Anime profile picture. You're right, you definitely belong on this account - 10 months ago
  • master.breno
    @jona_legend As a man, I think you’re an embarrassment and need to fuck off - 10 months ago
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