don’t believe the bs they’re trying to sell you.

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  • hanntahtj
    ...well this didn’t age well 😬😂 - 10 days ago
  • the_shape_98
    @cordeliaison it’s double sided too I’m not defending anyone but maybe the fact that they were wearing the MAGA hat made the girls say something - 20 days ago
  • cordeliaison
    @pyscho_killer98 Yeah, there is a thing called self control, I can control my self better then this idiots in the video, and I am a teenager girl who are supposed to be the most emotional and irrational people on the planet and the fact they are wearing MAGA hat shows that maybe just being female was enough to provoke them - 20 days ago
  • angry.misunderstood.cat
    I see people saying “the girls probably said something first” but how is that somehow validation for being complete idiots and yelling. As if keeping your composure shouldn’t be a thing anymore? Do you see how that’s an insight to their character?? Yelling first thing in an argument??? And acting like you’re still in the right???? Like THAT makes you look smarter lmao. Y’all are toxic. Bet y’all scream “fuck you” if someone says your shoes don’t match your shirt. - 20 days ago
  • sa_lin.l
    @nicstelts you guess wrong - 21 days ago
  • bennnnnnnnnn.12
    We don’t need feminism - 21 days ago
  • bluejoshh
    white boys are so fucking annoying - 21 days ago
  • claraoswin2015
    @mister_misogynist definitely extreme. Of course they need to be held accountable but by the authority figures in their life, their parents, school or the police. It isn't for other people to hunt them down they way they have. Especially since they are just kids, teens tend to do a lot of crap and they have to be held accountable but when alls said and done they're still young and a lot of people are stupid when they're young. As long as there's consequences for them and they learn from it there's no reason for a witch hunt the way there has been. - 21 days ago
  • your_inquisitorialness
    Don’t forget one of those white outs on their basketball team was charged with raping a 18yr old girl - 21 days ago
  • mister_misogynist
    @claraoswin2015 I mean were the kids being assholes? Sure, but they're kids. This whole doxing thing where people went out of their way to dox names, parents, school, and even address is fucking egregious in the highest degree, and i don't care who the may have offered, theres no reason to release information of that magnitude. - 21 days ago
  • grazigirly
    @talyamh ohhh my gosh I’m so sorry your right - 21 days ago
  • talyamh
    @grazigirly crows are smart creatures, don’t insult them like that - 21 days ago
  • claraoswin2015
    @mister_misogynist hm I agree a lot of it can appear as propaganda and I don't think people should automatically resort to violence without even discussing things first. I'm glad to hear your views though and tbh I think I'm the same in terms of political views, I don't identify with one particular political party or view tbh because it all seems corrupt in some way or another, also I have very limited understand of political parties lol and still learning but from what I have gathered no party seems better or worse...I have my own moral and ethical values and that's it.
    So as an outside non political view i think their behaviour isn't exactly great and I don't agree with harassment etc. I don't really think they were the only ones to blame in the original video they were featured in though (the one with the Native American). Political views aside, I think they need to be held accountable for their actions like harassing etc but I don't think I'd condemn them as many people seem to be doing. Harassment and racism is never okay, for anyone. - 21 days ago
  • dylan.frr
    Great clear video, can definitely tell it's the Covington boys, and can barely tell what they're saying. It's like those girls just walked past and didn't say or do anything to get yelled at 😂😂 - 21 days ago
  • mister_misogynist
    @claraoswin2015 I target what i can only consider to be "rampant degeneracy." The thing about these pages is that they have god knows how many kids viewing this content, and kids have easily impressionable minds. I know what it's like to be in that mindset, because i once too saw the world through a narrow prism of blue. I wouldn't identify as a Republican, Democrat, conservative, or liberal, because these brandings have negative stigma amongst one another, and I'm just a right-leaning centrist looking in from the outside. These pages are borderline propaganda, i mean have you seen some of this shit? There are people out there that have been brainwashed into believing this dichotomy that anyone slightly to the right of them is a "nazi" or "white supremacist", and that they shouldn't even bother with discourse and immediately resort to violence. It's a strange world we live in when those that preach against fascism are the one's that practice it. - 21 days ago
  • dylan.frr
    @shirenkie_dink that's weird, a baby with it's own heart beat isn't your own body though 😂 - 21 days ago
  • claraoswin2015
    @mister_misogynist I'm just interested because you said you use their hypocritical terminology which tbh is liberal feminism but not really radical feminism so are you just a troll against all feminism or do you just acknowledge the hypocrisy and inconsistency in liberal feminism? - 21 days ago
  • claraoswin2015
    @mister_misogynist I noticed something in this; you said feminists and liberals. So does that mean you purposely target troll liberal feminists or do you not care and just troll all feminists? (I.e. Radical feminists as well as liberal) - 21 days ago
  • smita3753
    @celebrating_masculinity Are you dumb ? Just read this thread once again and the words you spoke . How can you even think like that . You need to grow up and most of all open up ur brain. - 22 days ago
  • _emallaaa
    @totally.lucy oof 💀💀💀 - 22 days ago
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