READ THE WHOLE THING BEFORE YOU THINK ABOUT COMMENTING SOMETHING RUDE: i’ve seen a lot of back lash about these tweets and I think it’s important everyone understand why it needed to be said. fat people are routinely discriminated against in every aspect of society. it’s not just that we can’t shop and all stores or we feel bad about our weight. it’s that doctors don’t believe our pain. they tell us to “lose weight” and then we’ll feel better. we are passed up for jobs and are discriminated about our bodies DAILY. this movement was created for fat people and now we’re getting kicked out of it. ❗️I want to be clear. this is not in response to the body positive movement helping YOU. this is in response to the skinny woman you have jumped on to the body positive movement and try and become the face of it. these are women with hundreds of thousands of followers who are using this movement for their own personal gain. they take pictures when their bloated or hunched over and suddenly “the’ve got flaws too” so people follow their version of body positivity because it is more palatable. but thin bodies are already over represented in the media. this is OUR space and we are getting kicked out. I get threats daily because of how much space I take up. and again and i will say it in caps so people read it: YOU CAN BE PART OF THE MOVEMENT WITHOUT BEING THE FACE OF IT

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