❗️ BEING FAT DOES NOT MEAN YOU ARE INHERENTLY UNHEALTHY❗️ Sorry I haven’t posted in a few days (not that you guys noticed) but I wanted to post this picture right here. Yes it is shitty quality but it has to be posted.
I went to the doctor for my annual check up, got my blood work done and my ovary checked (to make sure there are no cysts because I have PCOS). And she told me some news that may shock some of you, I am perfectly healthy! Sugar, cholesterol, thyroid, blood pressure, estrogen, white blood cells, everything is completely NORMAL.

I get told ,without fail, in every picture that I am “unhealthy”, I’m “promoting obesity”, and “its not possible to be fat and healthy” well here’s a big BIG screw you to all those people.

It’s ironic because my sister, who is skinny has issues with her thyroid and cholesterol but never in her life has received a comment saying she’s is unhealthy. But I, who don’t have those problems am told everyday that I am.
And I’m not stupid, I know this wont stop trolls from commenting but at least you and I know that they are wrong. Assuming that fat people are inherently unhealthy and therefore do not deserve basic respect and human decency is disgusting. But now we know that this guise they use, where they pretend to be concerned about health is all a ruse. because we all know they’ll still be in my comments tomorrow.

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  • tobiasgrath
    So you are saying that your PCOS is completely unrelated to your obesity? - 7 months ago
  • fr3ya4
    People DIE. from being obese. Loved ones DIE. From being FAT. If you carry on doing this more and more hundreds of thousands of people will die from being OBESE!! Why don’t you understand this! People. Die. From. Being. Obese. It’s a disease. Obesity is a medical condition. Which thousands die from. - 8 months ago
  • fr3ya4
    Yeah you can be a SMOKER and show no signs of being unhealthy or having unhealthy lungs but guess what, ur chances of cancer shoot up. - 8 months ago
  • pledis_studio
    Yass girl! I love how you are confident in who you are and are not afraid to tell the haters off 🔥👏 Also to anyone it may concern, just because someone is "fat" doesn't mean they are obese. It doesn't mean they don't eat healthy and it also doesn't mean they don't exercise. Some people are just genetically exposed to being on the heavier side, sometimes healthy dieting doesn't work for everyone, sometimes gaining weight can be due to stress, sometimes it can be medical reasons like diabetes and sometimes it's because of medication that you need to take (some steroids for example). Exercising a lot does not automatically make you skinny. IN ADDITION TO THIS, NO ONE HAS THE RIGHT TO BODY SHAME ANYONE OR CALL THEM UGLY NAMES. - 8 months ago
  • spamanddeath
    @unspicyenchilada LMFOAAOOAOAOOO - 8 months ago
  • spamanddeath
    yes it does - 8 months ago
  • _georgiy____
    It does - 8 months ago
  • m_fey2872
    About 598,000 people die each year from obesity related diseases - 8 months ago
  • i_guessimanerd
    @zll.30 There's a ton of exceptions. If you have the common ovarion cyst disease, your life expectancy is not altered by your weight. If you have any disease that in consequence affects your weight, weight will not be the cause of your shortened life expectancy nor a factor. Muscle etc. Point is, unless it is pure obesity caused by unhealthy food habits, weight does not alter life expectancy - 9 months ago
  • hotlink.30
    @i_guessimanerd and it’s doctor confirmed that those who weigh over 300 pounds die sooner than those under 300 pounds, obviously exceptions. - 9 months ago
  • i_guessimanerd
    @zll.30 BMI was created by a mathematician, not a doctor. I'd listen to doctors instead, G - 9 months ago
  • tomhurst332
    @johnwaynes_teeth Oh god. You're probably one of those people who kicked off after that campaign on obesity being a leading cause of cancer was launched 😂😂 - 9 months ago
  • alliekuhlman
    Congrats!!! You are perfect the way you are❤️ - 9 months ago
  • queenoffuxkingeverything69
    Fat is unhealthy not that it justifys being treated in a rude way. But to say hey fat people ate healthy no sis. A 300 pound woman is not healthy. Our body's are put under stress carrying that much weight. BUT I AM NOT SAYING YOU DONT DESERVE RESPECT. - 9 months ago
  • kittncakes
    @lllaame dude there are definitely some assholes bashing her here but in this particular comment I don't think they are at all - 9 months ago
  • unspicyenchilada
    Isn’t this what that one fat acceptance preacher was preaching about til she died of a heart attack at age 34? 🗿 - 9 months ago
  • johnwaynes_teeth
    @tomhurst332 but it’s probably because, the only people who need to worry about their health, is that person and their doctor. I keep pointing out your hair to make a point, your hair is none of my business, like people’s weight is none of yours. You sound like an asshole. - 9 months ago
  • johnwaynes_teeth
    @tomhurst332 it’s probably because I think you’re young and ignorant, not to mention walking around in the world with frosted tips worrying about fat people. - 9 months ago
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