I feel like nobody is talking bout these recent shootings and i’m not sure why??

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  • sho.makes.art
    Is it just me or does the guy furthest right kinda look like @johnmulaney - 6 days ago
  • kynanchavira
    @jordyzer00 IS THAT THE ANGER OF THE TRUTH BEING REVEALED? - 6 days ago
  • kynanchavira
    Watch everyone do ancestry tests and blame it on a different continent - 6 days ago
  • kittncakes
    I feel like a lot of feminism online pushes hate onto white men but I appreciate this post bc I feel like you're not hating them for their race but bringing attention to the fact that all these people are from the same group. Idk if that makes sense but so many people hate on poc immigrating to our country when we have people already inside hurting everyone around them. I think it's good to show white people that sometimes the enemy can look just like them - 7 days ago
  • jzonkel
    imagine how often this must happen in the Middle East. i’m sure you could find stories of illegal immigrants committing similar crimes recently as well. This is cherry picking. - 7 days ago
  • marshallsbrother2017
    13 people died and yet 47,893 people were caught trying to cross in January - 9 days ago
  • sxvs_
    The first man, who killed the 5 women in the bank. He did this in my home town. He walked in just as one of the victims husband was walking out. There was another person in the bank, a man that was on break and ran out the back to a house and called the police. They are not reopening this bank in Sebring. This story was on the news for DAYS. They don’t want to give these killers the attention that they wanted in the first place. Why would they give the killer exactly what he wanted? There was so much news coverage on this topic. Just because he’s white it doesnt mean there wasn’t enough coverage on the topic. This was very upsetting for everyone that was born and raised in Sebring, me as well. - 14 days ago
  • pdog483
    I know everyone’s saying there’s nothing in the news bc their white, but there’s also another reason they don’t give them credit. It’s because they don’t wanna give them credit or attention bc that’s why they do it most the time. If you give them attention and news articles then they’ll feel a validation or theyll feel like they did the right thing. So idk that’s just another reason to not put it in the news, but I’ll let y’all assume whatever anyway - 15 days ago
  • paarti__
    Didnt even see it on the newd - 16 days ago
  • extra_politics
    Make 21yr olds illegal - 16 days ago
  • i4simba
    whites are never broadcasted because the media is only used to discriminate against minorities - 16 days ago
  • hk_wilson.yu
    @arirubenstein I mean they lined up 5 women and executed them in the bank. We can't be 100%, but it sounds pretty damn sure that he was targeting women. - 16 days ago
  • ruth_michelle47972
    ..what the actual bloody hell america? - 17 days ago
  • zstargazing
    they don't look like they came across the border 💀 - 17 days ago
  • lexikoul
    No, but there can be a crisis in more than one place, sadly. - 17 days ago
  • jakkii_attaccii19
    Republicans: Omg, this rare case where a Mexican kills a man is ignored by liberals and Democrats! Also republicans: I am blind to the school shootings almost always caused by white kids. - 17 days ago
  • highwaypatroll
    How we banish all 21 year olds? - 17 days ago
  • i_am_connell
    @coopatrooopaa my point is its a local standard murder case with collateral. Not national news worthy. Still terrible, i was 2 blocks away when it happened. But i wouldn’t expect it to be a major headline anywhere non-local - 18 days ago
  • coopatrooopaa
    @i_am_connell no he killed two other people in the restaurant before killing his girlfriend. it’s more than just someone he knew. he killed 3 more people and the mans house he crashed and broke into was random. so no, not isolated - 18 days ago
  • im_a_chick_calm_down
    This shiiit is why I went of on some 60 yr old white man who was yelling build the wall and telling me my children were in danger. Yeah right shiiit head, yoooooou know what everyone fears right now? You pulling out a gun and shooting me dead. That's why no one else in line spoke up. But my white privilege makes me forget your psychosis when you are yelling bull shiiit. - 18 days ago
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