this is a horrifying hate crime. the man is black and gay and the target of these white supremacists. if this doesn’t show you that “MAGA” doesn’t represent “american pride” or whatever. those red hats are symbols of racism. to those of you not paying attention, I hope this was a wake up call.

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  • coincidencetheorist_
    @nicola_ruby 2 weeks later, wasn’t I right? And didn’t the fucking police lie??? Lol told you. - 4 days ago
  • coincidencetheorist_
    @luziskrt Be careful, they could switch back and come out with a video of him getting beat up. They love doing that shit. But it would be a staged video still. - 4 days ago
  • luziskrt
    @syx16_ sorry but i had to do this. the story is fake, proven so. im rubbing it in your face and saying you jump to conclusions.🐸☕ - 4 days ago
  • rhys.m.d
    So, if I go to a gay black man, beat his ass up, and yell, "this is Canada" All of Canada is violent? - 6 days ago
  • jayohnoe
    He did say his ribs were bruised and not fractured, and I could be wrong but I dont remember him saying anything about chemicals - 13 days ago
  • rickie_montes
    If a woman kills someone do all women resemble murder and death? - 13 days ago
  • imani_aaliyah
    @tommy.tuck Check your privilege before you check my comment. Worry about yourself - 14 days ago
  • imani_aaliyah
    @tommy.tuck Sorry that your privilege dosent even ALLOW you to comment. If I wanted any input it certainly wouldn’t be from some preppy white boy named Tommy FYI. IF I even had ASKED. - 14 days ago
  • tommy.tuck
    @imani_aaliyah are you dumb? would my comment have been welcomed if i agreed with you? in this society people get to speak their mind about whatever the fuck they feel like. sorry you couldn’t provide a legitimate response to what i said. - 14 days ago
  • ghaith.olayan
    @bobwalter87 Furthermore, as he claimed, the suspected attackers entered an hour before the alleged attack, assuming the attack went on for 15 minutes, which is obviously over exaggerated, he kept the rope around him for 45 minutes, and uhh, he didn't tell the authorities at the time of the incident that they were wearing MAGA hats nor that they screamed "Get out of my MAGA country!" which he told to news outlets, sounds like an attention scheme but we can't know for sure, I'll wait for the investigation to end rather than presume wild assumptions that may or may not be subjectively false. - 14 days ago
  • ghaith.olayan
    @zaynahthequeen It was never proven false, BUT neither has it been proven true, more than 100+ hours of surveillance has been investigated and nothing has been found YET. - 15 days ago
  • ethan_082005
    But Trump being racist just isn't true, sure he's trying to keep the illegals out but as they should stay out anyway - 15 days ago
  • fkkdupkid
    this was proven to be falsified - 15 days ago
  • drewskientertainment
    @fat_fab_feminist I'm sure there has been at least one act of violence against white people by black people wearing black lives matter appearal. Doesn't change the true meaning of BLM or what it stands for. - 15 days ago
  • drewfowler4419
    @imani_aaliyah no - 15 days ago
  • _mamma_hen_
    Dont get triggered maga supporters, yall are being snowflakes, please cry more. Y'all don't like being generalised but will support homophobia and racism and generalise lgbt people and poc even though your political stance says a LOT MORE about you than your sexuality or race 🤔🤔🤔 - 16 days ago
  • chweeeet
    Where's the receipts - 16 days ago
  • cat_ruiz28
    @baxxterr.19 Trumps slogan: Make America Great Again - 16 days ago
  • abi.starr
    there are numerous reports saying that police do not think that Smollett’s story is credible. they aren’t saying it wasn’t done, they’re just saying that he’s not telling the truth about it. his face barely had a scratch and he does not have fractured ribs. i am in no way saying that hate crimes are acceptable, i’m just saying that i don’t believe this one happened - 17 days ago
  • nes_ien
    Omg.. If this is happening to a star can you imagine what will happen to a normal civilian who is not famous? - 17 days ago
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