this is such a beautiful representation of body positivity bc I feel like so often poc are left out of the conversation and ESPECIALLY Asian women so it makes me happy

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  • stile_compresso
    💓💓💓 - 7 months ago
  • busy.boogie
    Please tag the girl in the photo, @jamie_zella - 8 months ago
  • loooolloooooooodramore
    @precious.tm_ they make up insults to answer them themselves lol - 8 months ago
  • loooolloooooooodramore
    So she told herself that she's beautiful. I'm pretty sure it's subjective.. You can't say "I'll debunk the fact that whales are ugly! Look at me! I'm not ugly!" yeah yeah you are - 8 months ago
  • xoxopeanutbutter
    You literally didn't understand the message of that art properly - "same shit different smell" means that the message that these women are sharing isn't right but the white woman is praised for it while the colored woman is put down for it - 9 months ago
  • liamdunnaway
    Beauty might come in all shapes and sizes but health doesn't - 9 months ago
  • jeonggukstimbs
    @starry.djh ..i never said that people with ed "dont try," i only said it's unhealthy to be anorexic? again, im not really talking about the people with the disorder, just talking about the disorder. - 9 months ago
  • _thir.teen
    @starry.djh ooooo burn. I'm guessing you're overweight, too? lol. chill out, you're a little too triggered - 9 months ago
  • thorpe.ii
    @starry.djh I don’t hate anyone because of their weight. My point is that we shouldn’t be normalising problems like obesity.
    Surely if I hated them then this wouldn’t matter to me. And, I’m sorry, but feminism has become degenerate. There are still things that are unfair to women and things that are unfair to men. None of these things are because of systemic discrimination, at least not in the countries that you and I live in. Feminism and MRAs aren’t the answer here, common sense is - 9 months ago
  • thorpe.ii
    @starry.djh Yikes - 9 months ago
  • purple.pml
    @thorpedo.ii people who hate on plus size women. people who call feminism cancer. like fuck off. - 9 months ago
  • thorpe.ii
    @starry.djh explain? - 9 months ago
  • purple.pml
    @thorpedo.ii THIS is why feminism is needed - 9 months ago
  • paul0767
    @starry.djh there self worth is not determined by they're weight I agree. It does determine they're attractiveness though and for God's sake read my other replies on y I accidentally put choose instead of choice - 9 months ago
  • purple.pml
    @_koneko nobody cares about how stupid you are - 9 months ago
  • purple.pml
    @paul0767 someone attractiveness and self worth have nothing to do with their weight. dumbass. have you hear of this thing called: spelling? - 9 months ago
  • purple.pml
    @jeonggukstimbs ever realise that people with ED do try? like fuck off - 9 months ago
  • sir_parkeyy
    These people are beautiful at all - 9 months ago
  • rhys.m.d
    Being fat causes deaths, stop being so accepting - 9 months ago
  • scream_ahhhh
    Girl literary nobody said Asian chicks have to be skinny - 9 months ago
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