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  • rty56i
    Retard - 6 months ago
  • bharatichalla
    Guys please remember one person's view does NOT reflect the whole community's views! - 7 months ago
  • loooolloooooooodramore
    @isabela.campo I think I want to marry you but I'm 14 and live in Italy - 8 months ago
  • isabela.campo
    @lorenzo_lizio some women want an excuse to be lazy. Work and get to the top and stop complaining about a non existing wage gap - 8 months ago
  • 420iambaby
    @internalscreamingintensifies Wikipedia lmao - 8 months ago
  • 420iambaby
    Nope - 8 months ago
  • loooolloooooooodramore
    @sapph.fire like a fat, self proclaimed fabulous feminist - 8 months ago
  • loooolloooooooodramore
    @sineadooh so what? Should they get paid the same for less important jobs? - 8 months ago
  • loooolloooooooodramore
    @theamoriarty exactly. Male compared to female, without accounting for hours, actual job Types days off and dedication. You said it yourself. You debunked yourself. How can you believe in something so stupid? Why isn't every company hiring only women since they allegedly cost less? - 8 months ago
  • loooolloooooooodramore
    My God.. People still believe this and wilfully choose to be ignorant.. - 8 months ago
  • 15ive_tb
    There is no wage gap - 8 months ago
  • madhviisingh
    Wage gap has been debunked so many fucking times. Come on y'all are just ignoring the facts nows - 9 months ago
  • slavik_bmx
    @_x.ileen_ Yeah that’s bullshit - 9 months ago
  • slavik_bmx
    @_madi_henderson She’s talking about a wage gap in the USA you solvent huffing downy. - 9 months ago
  • zadeeee
    @leachristiani nope. the wage gap doesn’t exist. - 9 months ago
  • lauraa.papp
    @fcbfredo discrimination against women causes the wage gap. When black people are paid less for the same jobs, or latinas, or any other minority, it leads to a wage gap - 9 months ago
  • fcbfredo
    @lauraa.papp job discrimination happens all the time. That's not a wage gap thing. - 9 months ago
  • lauraa.papp
    @fcbfredo you can’t get info from private businesses in many cases:) - 9 months ago
  • fcbfredo
    @lauraa.papp it's dead not real. I literally proved it wasn't in stats class. - 9 months ago
  • trevobob_smartpants
    I’m sorry, but a companies only objective is to make money, correct? Well, why wouldn’t they just hire women, to supposedly pay them less, and make more money? - 9 months ago
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