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  • lauraa.papp
    @fcbfredo discrimination against women causes the wage gap. When black people are paid less for the same jobs, or latinas, or any other minority, it leads to a wage gap - 4 days ago
  • fcbfredo
    @lauraa.papp job discrimination happens all the time. That's not a wage gap thing. - 4 days ago
  • lauraa.papp
    @fcbfredo you can’t get info from private businesses in many cases:) - 4 days ago
  • fcbfredo
    @lauraa.papp it's dead not real. I literally proved it wasn't in stats class. - 4 days ago
  • trevobob_smartpants
    I’m sorry, but a companies only objective is to make money, correct? Well, why wouldn’t they just hire women, to supposedly pay them less, and make more money? - 6 days ago
  • teresa.g.427
    @kittncakes you’re sorta just helping prove my point. Today’s society isn’t like how it was before, but those things still happen a lot, even if you haven’t seen it. I’ve heard stories and know girls/women that have been told what their role should be. Even being told little things like “you need to learn how to cook so you can dinner for your husband” or something like that, hints at the fact that a lot of people still believe a woman should stay home - 7 days ago
  • kittncakes
    @teresa.g.427 if a woman thinks that's what she needs to do that's still her choice. Even if her decision is influenced by others. And honestly, in today's society (in America), women are encouraged to follow whatever career path they like - 7 days ago
  • teresa.g.427
    @kittncakes studies show that employers favor men over women. And there are countless amount of men who believe women should stay home and take care of the baby, which is sexism. Don’t get me wrong, there are a lot of mothers that choose to stay home, but there are lots of girls that have old school families/parents that believe the woman need to stay home, so then girls are brought up thinking that’s their job and that’s what they need to do for their husband. That is sexism. - 7 days ago
  • kittncakes
    @teresa.g.427 yeah but if they don't have a choice it's not gonna be because of sexism. It's likely gonna be because they have a child and no one else can care for it. No one's gonna not hire you bc you're a woman. - 7 days ago
  • teresa.g.427
    @kittncakes obviously it’s a law, doesn’t mean it works. It’s not like employers straight up say “I’m not gonna hire you because you’re a woman” but most think women can’t be as good as men. And the girl is more than likely expected to stay at home, and there are situations where they don’t have a choice - 7 days ago
  • kittncakes
    @teresa.g.427 Mothers choose to stay home to care for their children. And no one is forcing women to choose a certain job. Some women prefer fields that may pay less because they like the job itself. No one (in America at least) can refuse to higher based on sex and no one can pay men more than women (for the same position) bc of the equal pay act - 7 days ago
  • kittncakes
    @_madi_henderson the gap in wages is not due to sex. It's based on different choices women and men make - 7 days ago
  • kittncakes
    @paint_for_blood That's actually illegal. The gap in wages (in the same job) is due to women working different hours. Otherwise, it's because of varying choices in career paths. The equal pay act of 1963 made it illegal to pay women differently for the same position, so if wage inequality really was due to sex, then those companies would be in a lot of trouble. - 7 days ago
  • uhlevar
    Damn someone finna get that coochie of the wage gap - 7 days ago
  • headhighsets
    What a joke - 7 days ago
  • h_gill1234
    I'm worried about them putting shit in my drink 😭 (yes I'm young pls don't hurt me lol) - 8 days ago
  • snow_flake59
    Lol buy your own shit. Never waste diamonds (or your money) on hoes xD - 8 days ago
  • frankieett
    @the_sacred_order._ bruh you’re so late to this lmao. just read the thread. i say everything i need/want to say there. - 8 days ago
  • the_sacred_order._
    @frankieett why y'all liars? The only time women are paid less are when they work lesser hours. Like no economist takes this serious. Why? Huh? You can't prove the wage gap. You've been brainwashed and indoctrinated. I'm sorry for y'all - 8 days ago
  • banishmon_mystic
    Get rid of men, you dont need to pay them - 8 days ago
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