Fun fact: Not all lesbians love Home Depot (Featured Comedian: @sabrinajalees )

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  • fisch_you_were_me
    @lez_khalifa 😂😂 - 2 hours ago
  • perfluorocarbon
    i’m going to build a lesbian courtesy deck for my future gf’s parents - 2 hours ago
  • clearblueciel
    @glimmerbaybaybaydy what I mean is...your opinion doesnt make it FACT kinda like if you walk around saying acruffel, that's not a word, it might be to you but dont walk around acting like it's in the dictionary - 3 hours ago
  • lorr.maddy_15
    @ohhhpez i’m not but thanks - 6 hours ago
  • ohhhpez
    @lorr.maddy_15 you look like you're 7 - 6 hours ago
  • yennywijaya.champion
    25 grandchildren and cats! I was cracking up gosh! You’re so funny! Love it! 🤣 - 7 hours ago
  • tramenda13
    Isn't she from a show from YTV - 9 hours ago
  • giant_lad_does_risky_trash
    HERECYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! - 10 hours ago
  • tygarexe
    1. Decks go in the back. You built a porch ..
    2. Women aren’t funny - 10 hours ago
  • glimmerbaybaybay
    @clearblueciel it is for me! 😂😂😂 stop being so fucking sensitive geeesh! - 11 hours ago
  • clearblueciel
    @glimmerbaybaybay that's your opinion everyone is entitled to have their own opinion. But dont act like yours is law. - 11 hours ago
  • glimmerbaybaybay
    @clearblueciel the truth is the truth.... She isn't funny😬 - 11 hours ago
  • art.acc.x
    @mireykei Lmao, Okay, whatever you say - 12 hours ago
  • mireykei
    @art.acc.x I obviously meant it? Are you insane? Seems like you want me to fit your caricature of a bad person 😂 I’m seriously concerned for your mental state, seek some help. - 12 hours ago
  • art.acc.x
    @mireykei Lmao, Its Implied. Yes, you said straight guy, but you obviously ment straight white guy. This feminism bullshit is retarded, Jesus Christ. - 12 hours ago
  • mireykei
    @art.acc.x lmao point out to where I said “white guy” because I never did. You are the first to bring it up congratulations 👏 - 12 hours ago
  • mel_mizzi
    @garuzu_rabu 😂😂 totally. - 12 hours ago
  • art.acc.x
    @mireykei your bringing up that stupid bullshit like "if it was a white guy...." like seriously, fuck off. - 12 hours ago
  • mireykei
    @art.acc.x they aren’t, and I never said they were? You’re the one bringing it up. Very telling...🤔 - 13 hours ago
  • garuzu_rabu
    @mel_mizzi - 13 hours ago
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