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  • melissa_glass
    @lulucanpy these are all very true 👌😂 - 6 days ago
  • lulucanpy
    @melissa_glass you said my family has no honour we better duel to the death - 6 days ago
  • micka_l0
    @cutenerdgirl if you start to conquer small challenges like making your bed everyday or going to the gym every week, you can do graduate to more challenging obstacles and conquer them knowing full well you can hack it. I was a skinny shrimp in high school with ambition to succeed so I made my life a living hell, joined the military college of South Carolina and not soon later I joined the army as an infantryman. It made me the person I am today. I feel like torture is on a completely different spectrum. - 7 days ago
  • cutenerdgirl
    @micka_l0 No, it doesn't breed tougher people. Societies judgments just forced people to stay silent about their issues, therefore, their were more suicides. They used to treat Anxiety Disorder with mouth cages and electric shock "therapy". - 7 days ago
  • zebradiah
    Why would you put a watermark on other people's tweets tho - 7 days ago
  • swampkkid
    Why did I watermark them - 8 days ago
  • jinny_black
    @micka_l0 It's not about winning but ok - 9 days ago
  • jade_katycat
    The last one❤❤😂 - 9 days ago
  • fat_fab_feminist
    @kyleplantemoji thanks for creating it! - 10 days ago
  • micka_l0
    @jinny_black whatever makes you feel like you’ve won 👌 - 10 days ago
  • jinny_black
    @micka_l0 You're literally doing what is called "sea lioning". The "proof" is in plain sight yet you play stupid. Great job. - 10 days ago
  • micka_l0
    @mylifeinlipstick I do agree with some of the points you make but I also recommend watching the red pill documentary, when I was a feminist it changed my views entirely because it brought up points that are never or rarely acknowledged by today’s feminist movement. I appreciate the debate 😊 - 10 days ago
  • micka_l0
    @jinny_black generally when you’re making a point at a debate you’ll have proof or at the very least examples - wish ya understood that 😂 - 10 days ago
  • jinny_black
    @micka_l0 Oh wow you're so pathetic you can't take 2 seconds to use your eyes to look at something that literally exists and will prove you wrong. If someone says there's a tree outside a window and you call them a liar while refusing to look out the window, that makes YOU the jackass. Not me. Sad and pathetic because those pages are meant for the benefit of men like you who swear they don't exist. - 10 days ago
  • mylifeinlipstick
    @micka_l0 Feminists fight for women’s rights because we need it more. However, we acknowledge the danger of toxic masculinity. Masculinity itself is not toxic. It is, however, when it involves the harassment or abuse of another person - or himself. Every woman you know has ATLEAST been sexually harassed. If she’s lucky, that’s all she has been. Men have murdered total strangers for rejecting him. Women have never murdered a total stranger for rejecting her. Women don’t go on mass killing sprees because men reject them. Men do. Bottom line; the reason feminists prioritize fighting for women over men is because we need it more. MRAs might have some credibility if they actually worked toward improving the things you listed previously, instead of constantly derailing and harassing women. - 10 days ago
  • micka_l0
    @jinny_black if anyone is dickhurt here it’s you 😂😂😂 - 10 days ago
  • micka_l0
    @jinny_black I just assumed that if I asked for proof to our point you’d be able to provide it, wasn’t aware that it was my responsibility to do that 🤔 - 10 days ago
  • kyleplantemoji
    @fat_fab_feminist I'm so flattered ♥️ thanks for sharing it! - 10 days ago
  • jinny_black
    @micka_l0 I want men like you to stop being dickhurt every time someone tries to address the inherent toxicity in our culture. - 10 days ago
  • fat_fab_feminist
    @kyleplantemoji you literally made my life ive shown everyone I know this thread! - 10 days ago
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